Residential Window Cleaning Specialists

At Amazing 20/20 Services, we treat and respect each residential property in and around the Costal Bend Area of Texas as if it were our own. We keep your place neat from start to finish by laying down towels to protect your floors as we clean. Our goal is to leave you fully satisfied and impressed with the results of our quality services offered at reasonable rates.

Above all else, you can count on our professional crew to do amazing work with interior and exterior home cleaning services including but not limited to the followin

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Window Cleaning Services

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Power Washing Services

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Gutter cleaning & Well Water Rust Removal

New Service Offered!

Your irrigation system or the use of well water for watering your yard and garden, sometimes will leave rust stains that are on the side of your house, fence, driveway, sidewalk, etc… that will look like a light to dark orange paint on the surface. Amazing 20/20 has a new safe commercial product that can remove these bad looking stains and give your home more appeal and value.

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